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Forms, symbols and colors fascinate me. Be it the leaves, flowers and tree branches, or the arches and doors in a building, cultural markings or alphabets in a language. I am exploring what they mean to me and what emotions they may trigger in other people. The shapes and colors may evoke a mystical, spiritual, philosophical, political or cultural connection.


More often than not, I start a painting without a set idea in mind. The process is instinctual, as I begin applying paint, shapes and forms emerge. My paintings are mostly abstract and made up of several layers, I like to play with what appears in front and what is hidden behind. The paintings have elements of architecture, nature and geometric patterns that repeat, shift and reconnect.

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I was born and raised in India. My earliest art memories are the smell of oil paints, turpentine and my aunt taking art lessons at home. I drew throughout school and college, then life took over for a few years till I came to the suburbs of Philadelphia and my art entered a new phase with instructors at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, regional art centers and wonderful local artists teaching from their own studios.